“Testing technique where testing requirement evolves through the collaboration between customer & self-organizing teams with iterative development.”

Agile is the iterative and incremental (evolutionary) approach to software development that is performed in a highly collaborative fashion. This is the most widely accepted and result oriented testing technique used by the developers worldwide so as to maintain the quality of their software.  Independent software testing companies also preferred this testing solution so as to identify and remove any bugs or vulnerabilities from a particular software.  Agile simply makes testing more productive and resourceful than any other testing framework. As compared to all other software testing frameworks; agile testing is carried out with continuous & consistent time intervals so as to sustain desired expected quality. 

Why Agile Testing Is a Preferred Choice for World Wide Testing Executives

Agile testing is the most preferred choice for all the testing executive out there & that is because it is

  • Less time consuming & Cost Efficient
  • Not Much Documentation Required
  • Timely & Continuous Feed Back
  • ìRegular Meetings to Resolve Issues

Software testing is evolved a lot from the time of its inception. Testing individuals and executives use diverse nature frameworks so as to evaluate the exact performance standards of a particular software. Testing analysts prefer agile, because it delivers plenty of benefits so as to accomplish desired software quality. It consumes less quality time of any tester as well as produce results by imposing low amount of cost. Testing mechanisms other than agile testing requires more documentation & preparation of credentials but in the case of agile, less time is consumed for the preparation of screening methods. That is the reason why agile testing is considered as the most preferred choice for the testers around the globe. 

Agile testing, help software testers to provide timely and continues feedback of whole testing framework in a timely fashion.  Testers can generate continuous reports of their work and then send these to clients on continuous intervals. During the testing of a software through agile testing if any issue is raised out by the  client regarding the testing  technique or plan than , software testers can easily  address these issues by conducting  regular meeting with   clients.  These regular meetings helps testers and clients to be on similar grounds in order to finding it out the exact nature of bug or vulnerability attached to a software.  Agile testing will only deliver results when it has been carried out with a continual approach.  The sooner you engage a testing team for agile testing the better you establish desired quality results.